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Dear Guests, Welcome to our apartment and we wish you a beautiful stay. Please, read carefully the rules of accommodation where you get the basic information about your stay.

  1. Guests are registered based on the agreed price paid for the accommodation.

  2. Security deposit of EUR 200 is required prior to arrival.

  3. At least 3 days prior to arrival, you must pay and fill in the registration form used to register the tourist (tourist) tax -

  4. The apartment is available from 4 pm on the day of arrival.

  5. We will send you the instructions for your arrival by e-mail.

  6. Keys are provided either from a safety deposit box or by the property.

  7. The PIN code for the safety deposit box where the keys are kept will be sent by e-mail or SMS. In the event that the keys are provided by the property, we will send you their contact details.

  8. Guests will receive a universal key, which is fits the entrance door as well as the Andrea apartment. The apartment building has two entrances. The main entrance is accessible from the upper Bachwinkl Street, where you can also find the safety deposit box for the keys, which is intended for later arrivals. The rear entrance is from the car park.

  9. It is mandatory to complete the registration form for the purposes of registering the tourist tax prior to your arrival. 

  10. On departure, guests should return the keys to the property. Based on prior agreement, the keys can be left in the safety deposit box located near the main entrance.

  11. Guests are obliged to leave the apartment on the last day of accommodation by 10 am. If the guests do not vacate the accommodation without prior agreement, the provider may add another day to the final cost of the accommodation.

Accommodation of guests

Rights and obligations of accommodated guests

  1. Free Wi-Fi is available in the Andrea apartment. Wi-Fi access is via generated access codes, which are available from the property.

  2. Guests shall pay the pre-arranged price according to the valid price list. Payment of the agreed price shall be made in advance and according to the booking conditions.

  3. Smoking is forbidden in the apartment. A smoking area is located in front of the apartment building. In the event of a breach of this ban, guests may be charged a penalty of 100 EUR by the property manager.

  4. Pets are not allowed in the Andrea apartment.

  5. Guests must not move equipment, repair or interfere with electrical or other installations either in the apartment or in any of the common areas.

  6. It is forbidden to use your own electrical appliances in the apartment. This does not apply to laptops, various types of chargers for consumer electronics for personal use or guest hygiene (shavers, hairdryers, etc.).

  7. Guests are kindly requested to check the equipment in the apartment upon arrival. The apartment is provided to the guest without defects, if a guest detects any defects or malfunctions during their stay, it is in their own interest to report any malfunctions to the property. Discrepancies must be reported on the day of arrival. Reporting discrepancies on the following day will be disregarded.

  8. Before leaving the apartment:

  9. Switch off all electrical appliances in the kitchen: kettle, oven, cooker, dishwasher.

  10. Disconnect your electrical equipment, laptop, charger, etc.

  11. Switch off the lights and the vapor extractor in the kitchen and check that the water taps are closed.

  12. Guests are obliged to check if the kitchen, thermal (electrical) and other appliances are not switched on, vacate on the last day of stay, switch off the lights and return the keys personally to the property manager. If guests intend to leave the apartment early in the morning or late in the evening, they are required to arrange returning the keys to the property manager (based on prior agreement, the keys can be left in the safety deposit box).

  13. A fee of 60 EUR shall be charged to the guest for a lost key.

  14. The use of the accommodation is permitted for persons who are not affected by infectious diseases.

  15. For safety reasons, it is not advisable to leave children unattended in the room or in other areas of the apartment building. Adults shall bear full responsibility for any damage caused by child.

  16. Waste must be sorted into paper, plastics, bio, aluminum and mixed waste. In the event of failure to comply with this regulation, a penalty of 100 EUR may be imposed to the guest by the property manager.

  17. It is forbidden to store skis, bicycles or snowboards in the apartment.

  18. It is forbidden to light candles or aroma lamps in the apartment.

  19. Do not leave phone or batteries chargers, or other electrical appliances unattended in the apartment.

  20. The equipment in the apartment shall be used by guests only for the purposes for which it is designed and guests shall be fully liable for any damage caused intentionally or negligently. In the event of deliberate damage or untidiness in the room to the extent that it cannot be rented after cleaning, guests shall pay the full charge on the spot in cash for these days in addition to the work required to correct the damage or untidiness.

  21. Guests shall not be entitled to let persons who are not properly registered in the accommodation and have not paid the fees associate with the accommodation and local tourist tax to stay overnight.

  22. The operator shall not be responsible for the things brought in to the apartment by guests. The apartment operator shall not bear any liability for damage to the property of guests, or theft of items left in freely accessible parts of the apartment house.

  23. Parking is available for guests in the car park of the apartment. The operator shall not bear any liability for any theft of the vehicle or items in it.

  24. Guests shall be obliged to keep the apartment and the entire building clean and tidy.

  25. Guests shall be obliged to observe the nighttime quiet hours between 10 pm and 6 am. In the event of a violation of the nighttime quiet hours, the police may be called and the guest may be evicted.

  1. Guests shall be required to comply with the provisions of these accommodation rules. By accepting the accommodation, guests shall agree to comply with the accommodation rules together with all of the related terms and sanctions. In the event of a gross violation, the management of the accommodation shall be entitled to terminate the guest’s stay before the agreed time.

  2. Damage to the equipment in the apartment house shall be charged according to the real coast or a realistic estimate of the property manager. Theft of property from the apartment house will be charged in full according to the price list of the apartment equipment.

  3. The owner and manager of the building reserve the right to evict a guest at any time in the event of inappropriate behavior and without the right to a refund for the accommodation. Inappropriate behavior is understood to mean disruption of the nighttime quiet hours and the privacy of other guests or vulgar behavior towards other guests or the managers of the building or apartment.

  4. Guests shall be responsible for the damage caused to the equipment in the accommodation according to the Civil Code and other valid regulations.

The accommodation rules are valid from 1st December 2018.

We wish you a beautiful vacation and pleasant stay in our apartment.

Final provisions

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