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The people in the Hochkönig region nurture customs, a love for their country, and genuine hospitality. It is an area characterized by tradition, feeling, and innovation thinking. In Maria Alm, Dienten, and Mühlbach, the idyllic atmosphere, the tranquility, and the hospitality are palpable. Active vacationers will find the best opportunities for hiking, biking, climbing, or trail running. Connoisseurs treasure the regional cuisine, the alpine hut culture, the nature experiences, as well as the customs and traditions at the harvest festival. On the Hochkönig, you will feel right at home during your vacation.  
The Hochkönig region is a destination with many options and opportunities. In summer, a vast scope of activities are made available to active visitors with climbing, mountaineering, trail running, golf, as well as many other sports and opportunities to get out and about such as geocaching, mountain carts, and much more. The perfect holidays focused on biking or nowadays e-biking. The Hochkönig Flow Trail promising some really intensive biking experiences. This region has some truly unique routes, including a broad network of E-recharging stations, both in the mountains and valleys,  as well as a full range of useful support services. 


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